Battlestar Galactica teemaline LARP Rootsis 8.-10. märtsil külma sõja aegsel lahinglaeval

Aeg: 1.-3. märts/8.-10. märts (inglisekeelne)/15.-17.märts

Koht: Gothenburg, Rootsi, lahinglaeval Småland  

Maailm: telesarja Battlestar Galactica maailm

Mängumaks: 2400-3400 SEK/ 280-390 EUR

Vanusepiirang: 18

“The Monitor Celestra” is a technology enhanced science-fiction Nordic Live Action Roleplaying Game about cultural and personal conflict in the shadow of the destruction of the twelve colonies of mankind. It is the spiritual sequel to the legendary game “Carolus Rex” from 1999.

Experience the action, the mystery and the atmosphere of the re-imagined series like you never thought possible. You will fight the Cylon enemy in the vastness of space, in the cramped corridors of The Celestra and in the dark depths of your very being.

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