Ruins of the Creators – larp Lätis 14.06-16.6.2013

Aeg: 14-16.6.2013
Maailm: postapokalüptiline
Mängumaks: eestlastele:
enne 10.5 : 14EUR,
pärast 10.5 16EUR,
pärast 31.5 18EUR
Keel: inglise keel

Organiseerijad: Finnish roleplaying group Heittämättömän Arwan Kilta or HAK (Guild of the Uncast Die)

Some say it has been centuries since the World ended. Firepillars, blazing like Million Suns, rising from the Stone Fortresses of the Old Ones. The Untold War between the creators of Tech and their slaves, both Man and Machine. Some say it has only been thirty years or fifty years or mere hundred years and that the oldest among the tribes that now walk the Land can still see the World That Was in their dreams. No one knows the truth. And the little that is remembered is slowly being erased from the minds by Time. No one knows why Goddess Europa fell or why the Star-Eagle stopped flying to Her aid. So many Gods and Goddesses amongst the Old Ones are only a whisper now. So many Creators are gone forever.

The Past is Forgotten. The Future is Unseen.

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